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Appeal to youth

Appeal to youth

O Turkish youth!

The first duty is to preserve and defend Turkish independence and the Turkish Republic forever.

This is the very foundation of your existence and your future. This foundation is your most precious treasure. Even in the future, you will be miserable here and abroad. One day, if you fall into the obligation of defending independence and the Republic, you will not think that you are in the position to be thrown into your position and that you are in my presence! This scene and lyric can manifest in a very namalistic character. Enemies that refer to independence and the Republic can be enemies of a victory. With violence and deceit, all the saints’ homeland may be occupied, all the shipyards may be entered, all the armies may be dispersed, and every corner of the country may be occupied. Within this country, those who hold power are in error, misguided, and even in treason, more and more graver than all this shit. These power holders even increase their personal interests, the political interests of the invaders. The nation may have been devastated by the need for the poor.

He was the son of Turkish fortune! Here, even in this situation and even şââât dedication, Turkish independence and the Republic will be saved! The power of the needy station, the noble veins in the veins are present!