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Art and Sports Classes in World Standards, The Canadian Education in Turkey

Art and sports activities are a little more limited compared to other professional areas, under the circumstances of Turkey. These activities, which are not taken into consideration in schools too, lead to the overlook and loss of talent. And actually, this is the cruelest thing which can be reflected in children who have hopes and dreams on his/her talents.


We, as the only school representing and implementing the Canadian Education System in Turkey, support arts and sports in our campuses with the awareness of how it would be important in children’s lives. For this reason, our training model is complemented by activities within these areas. Our art labs and gyms are always open to students and our expert instructors are always ready to support students who want to shape their future in line with their abilities. These activities organized in the context of club activities increase the life energy of students, develop positive attitudes, give independent opinions; and they are also based on sharing improvements. The arts and sports activities, which are developed in parallel with the academic structure, are based on the age groups of the students.


In addition to the inclusion of pupils in school clubs, the guidance provided by the coordinators facilitates the creation of a portfolio for students who wish to continue their studies abroad. The activities outside of this academic field, which is named as college-bound, are the most important factors for the evaluation of students in the social and characteristic sense.


The approach that we have shaped in accordance with Canada’s qualified education system enables us to discuss the issue in the most profound way, which motivates students, who are focused not only on the development of their academic attitudes but also on the development of their skills. At the same time, there is an incentive arising from the diversification of our support with financial means. Our school aims to motivate the future artists and people who will make a name for themselves in the sport and to make sure that each student is able to place his / her potential in the best possible way.