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Raising Potential with English and French Language Training

Children with a broad education built on solid pillars of educational principles have in place all the indicators of success. Our school has works with the |Canadian curriculum, one rooted in inquiry based learning, to create curious children who are eager to learn. This inspires the spirit of life long learning in children. Another component […]

Helping Students Understand the ‘Why of Their Education’

We have all heard our children say; “When am I ever going to use this …”. They might be frustrated by an algebra problem, be referring to something that Einstein theorized, or they might be wondering about the rules of English grammar, but as parents and teachers, we have all heard that complaint. It is […]


Becoming a teacher in Canada is about passion, study and committment. Teaching is a calling not a profession.   Good teachers truly enjoy spending time with children and they find that the spark in a child’s eyes when they have learned something to be one of teachıng’s greatest rewards.Teachers need to be caring and compassionate. […]

Presenting an International and Multi-cultural model at Canada Schools

Multicultural is a buzz word in all global business and it must become the standard in educational institutions as well. Our educational values are based on the respect and understanding of different cultures and different lifestyles in society and that is the model of education we seek to embody. With a naturally international environment at […]

Organic Food and a Connection to Nature; Helping your Child from the Ground Up.

At Canada Schools it is our priority to provide a safe environment for your children to develop and grow in all possible ways. We support their healthy development in everything from the food they eat in our cafeterias to the activities they do in clubs to their participation in classroom learning.   As we work […]

International Exchange Programs

Students who attend our school can join to the Academic Month and Academic Year programs in Canada from the 6th grade on. Education International learning and knowledge lead students to the acceptance and understanding of different cultural and social perspectives. Language acquisition occurs through practical immersion. Awareness and adoption of alternative, multi-faceted approaches to learning […]


French is one of our official languages in Canada. It plays a crucial role in our education system and in our country both culturally and linguistically. It is a very important part of our Canadian identity.   The aim of our French language program in our schools is to honor this preparing our students to […]

Canada… an Education Superpower

    Did you know that Canada has become one of the world’s educational superpowers?   The Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) ıs a worldwide study by the Organization for Economic Development (OECD) intended to evaluate educational systems in more than 70 countries throughout the World based on student performance in math, science, and […]

Accredited Diplomas Which Open the Paths to Abroad Universities

Our principle depends on growing children in the atmosphere where they fell the respect to all nations in a multi-cultural environment and sharing support to each other through the processes of learning. As a representative of the Canadian education system which presented as one of the most effective education methods on PISA scores; we believe […]

Art and Sports Classes in World Standards, The Canadian Education in Turkey

Art and sports activities are a little more limited compared to other professional areas, under the circumstances of Turkey. These activities, which are not taken into consideration in schools too, lead to the overlook and loss of talent. And actually, this is the cruelest thing which can be reflected in children who have hopes and dreams on […]