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Accredited Diplomas Which Open the Paths to Abroad Universities

Our principle depends on growing children in the atmosphere where they fell the respect to all nations in a multi-cultural environment and sharing support to each other through the processes of learning. As a representative of the Canadian education system which presented as one of the most effective education methods on PISA scores; we believe in children who create new things and tendencies with inquiry-based classrooms and school ambiance.

With the standard, accepted by representatives of two curriculums, Canadian and Turkish; our school’s atmosphere gives an opportunity for children to learn with inquiry and interpretation. Also, there is French as a second language that accompanies to English-based system. From nursery to high school all the classes are giving in English, also in nursery and primary school, there are Turkish teachers who are providing the harmony between two curriculums and moderate the process for children.

Our bilingual tendencies prepare children to the new technological and limitless era. Through the process of concentrated learning, students gain a strong belief in themselves and self-esteem. They finish their schools with the courage and guarantee of the Canadian Ministry of Education. Also, we present them an opportunity in middle school on studying abroad for a month.

In the case of high school, as a representative we give two diplomas to our students; Canadian and Turkish. With this accredited diploma they have options to study abroad. And also accredited diploma opens the ways to all the countries of the world where Canadian and Turkish diplomas are accepting. Therefore, it means they have an advantage in the enrollment process of universities.

We have a strong belief in students who are the citizens of the world, not a country; and a limitless world without borders and limitations.