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Canada… an Education Superpower

Canada… an Education Superpower



Did you know that Canada has become one of the world’s educational superpowers?


The Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) ıs a worldwide study by the Organization for Economic Development (OECD) intended to evaluate educational systems in more than 70 countries throughout the World based on student performance in math, science, and reading skills. Canada ranked overall in the top five countries for its educational system was number 3 in the ranking for post secondary education.

There are many reasons for this. Canada has spent a great deal of time and money on both research and implementation of learning strategies and teaching methodologie has had a dramatic effect on the success of our students. Our teachers are professionally trained and licensed by recognized universities. Furthermore, they participate in on-going professional development opportunities identified throughout their career. This insures that they are providing the best educational experiences for their students who then can develop to their fullest potential.


According to the International Student Survey conducted by the Canadian Bureau for International Education, 95% of intenational students reccommend Canada as a study destination. This is due to the quality and variety of educational opportunities, the affordable study options, easy application process and immigration policies that are open and accepting. In fact, Canadian Universities have been acknowleged for their impactful research work and protducing some of the greatest academicians.


Canada has worked hard to earn it’s place on the world stage of educational superpowers. Although this is a great honor, what matters most is the study opportunities this presents to any student attending a Canadian educational facility. We see it as our purpose to contribute to a better world by providing that world with well educated, global citizens.