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Dual Diploma: World Citizens with International Diploma

Dual Diploma: World Citizens with International Diploma

Our students; starting from kindergarten, primary school, junior high school and all the main courses in high school are taught in two languages; Turkish and English. With the introduction of mathematics, science, and applied courses in primary school, all our students are having an education at world standards.

Being able to learn all lessons in a bilingual way ensures that our students are prepared one step ahead of their future competitive world. Our students also take French as their second foreign language. We have full-time French classes in our kindergartents too.

Strong and Intensive Academic Program

The training program implemented in our school is a powerful developed by integrating Turkish and Canadian high school curricula. Our high school education program; as well as our primary and secondary school education programs, cover the entire target achievements of both Turkish and Canadian education systems.

In primary and secondary schools, our students will pass the upper level of the school completion certificate issued by the Canadian Department of Education. Our students who will graduate from our Schools, in addition to our high school diploma, will be awarded by the Ministry of National Education. They will have a diploma valid in Canada and in other countries of the world.

A second diploma is only provided to students that are graduated from our high schools.

University Applications

Students who graduate from high school with two diploma have the chance to experience his university education in Turkey or Canada’s elite universities. Our students receive double diploma in high school graduation; they have a great advantage in earning scholarships for admission to overseas universities.


Apart from that, they also have the skills that they will use in their academic and social life with the values ​​they receive in the education system.

Business Life

Our students will graduate with fluency in their early language skills and fluency in English in every level of their work life and French as a second foreign language. With the Dual Degree program, our students will always grow up as an international citizen of the world. The most important thing is the second diploma that they will use in their future lives.

What does the university want from you?
What does the university want from you?

SPR training system in our school and S | R | With the A continuous assessment system, you will experience academic and social difficulties in the university.

What sets us apart?

Your child's future without the worries in Turkey and all over the world with a valid accredited university degree can c...

What sets us apart?