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Helping Students Understand the ‘Why of Their Education’

Helping Students Understand the ‘Why of Their Education’

We have all heard our children say; “When am I ever going to use this …”. They might be frustrated by an algebra problem, be referring to something that Einstein theorized, or they might be wondering about the rules of English grammar, but as parents and teachers, we have all heard that complaint. It is an excellent question and a difficult one to answer.

At Canada Schools, we know not every child will master the art of grammar and become an author; not every child wonders at the possibilities of science and what machine might be invented, and not every child will marvel at the potential of theoretical math. What we do know, however, is that every child has the potential for any one of those things and so many more and it is our job to prepare them to realize that potential. With that as one of our guiding principles, it is our goal to ensure students in our schools have a broad foundation in all coursework so when the time comes to decide whether they will become a marine biologist, a mechanical engineer or a marketing specialist, those options are open to them.

As adults we understand we are not skilled at everything, nor are we interested in everything, so part of a child’s education is learning what they are good at, what interests them, what comes easily and what challenges them. It is in exploring all subjects that children develop the perseverance to work hard at the things that challenge them, the delight in learning what they are good at and the wonder in what inspires their imagination.

So when your child laments their math homework or struggles through an English essay, remind them they are building potential; their own potential. With a solid foundation in math, science, language and technology, your child not only has choices about which career path to follow, they also know themselves well enough to begin to choose the path that is best for them.