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Becoming a teacher in Canada is about passion, study and committment. Teaching is a calling not a profession.


Good teachers truly enjoy spending time with children and they find that the spark in a child’s eyes when they have learned something to be one of teachıng’s greatest rewards.Teachers need to be caring and compassionate. They need to be able to relate to their students, to understand them and to be able to build relationships with them. When these things ocur, great teaching and student learning takes place!


Apart from these soft skills teachers also need to be trained to deliver curriculum, manage classrooms and assess students. Teachers need to learn how to teach to different learning styles using a variety of methodologies. In Canada all teachers must have a teaching license which can be granted only after they have completed a Bachelor of Education Degree at an approved University where they learn all these things. This teaching license permits them to teach in most, if not all provinces in Canada.


To insure that all teachers continue to provide the best possible education for students there is ongoing professional development. Teachers are often at different stages of their teaching experience, some are new to the profession while others have been teaching for years. Whatever the stage, teachers who become students, learning and developing skills and knowlege to make them better teachers, not ony improve their teaching but it also helps to remind them about why they became a teacher in the first place. Becoming a learner once again, helps them to develop greater empathy for students.


One of the great benefits of ongoing professional development is that teachers get an opportunity to put their new learning into practice, seeing if what they learned is useful in the classroom. This also provides them with an opportunity for collaboration as they discuss with colleagues how these new concepts and strategies can best meet the needs of students.

Professional development is a crucial component of effective, relevant and superior teaching. It is a cornerstone of any comprehensive and responsive educational system.