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Organic Food and a Connection to Nature; Helping your Child from the Ground Up.

Organic Food and a Connection to Nature; Helping your Child from the Ground Up.

At Canada Schools it is our priority to provide a safe environment for your children to develop and grow in all possible ways. We support their healthy development in everything from the food they eat in our cafeterias to the activities they do in clubs to their participation in classroom learning.


As we work toward fully educating your children, we emphasize learning and awareness in many fields so we might help parents raise their children to be global citizens. Children are encouraged to participate in outdoor activies in sport but in observation of natural processes out of doors, as well. Our aim is to bolster childrens engagement with the environment and their responsibility within it.


This environmental connection includes sharing healthy food and nourishment with the children. A healthy planet means healthy food sources and healthy food means healthy children. Canada School’s students not only eat a full breakfast and lunch at school but also, well balanced snacks. Seasonal vegetables and fruits are carefully selected and combined with the appropriate cooking methods for children to create a varied menu. Children are also encouraged to try foods they would not normally, as our chefs combine flavours in interesting and pleasing ways.


It is always our goal to hlep your children to become positive and productive members of society. We work to balance in-class studies and activities with outdoor and environemntal pursuits, as well. By doing this, we help your children become diverse and well rounded individuals who will continue to progress.