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Canada Schools Mission & Values

Canada Schools Mission & Values

Our Mission

To foster a vibrant learning environment where children learn and grow to their fullest.

Our Vision

Children are valued

Caring relationships are fostered

Children are encouraged to discover and explore

Uniqueness is appreciated

Expectations are high

Parents are viewed as partners

Focus on developing the Whole Child

Our Goals

Being a center for multicultural, multilingual, creative, nature-loving and genuinely loving children

To enable students to use all their emotional, physical and intellectual potentials

Creating safe and carefree environments

Provide quality programs suitable for developmental ages

Encouraging Communication

We believe that schools are places where children’s abilities are discoverd and ecouraged. For this reason, we offer them a level of freedom in which they can explore, test and learn, touch, and interact physically with the world around them.

Our schools

Our schools, our goal is to educate our children in the K12 level and the world’s leading countries in education in Turkey and we aim to place the best universities.

Early Childhood

Our first campus in Turkey, while in Levent, Istanbul in September of 2015, the nation was opened in 2016 to serve as a nursery and primary school.

Primary School / Secondary School

As of 2016-17 education year, primary school students accepted their first students.

Secondary School / Lise

Our school has accepted our first students as of 2017-18 education year.