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Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

We create a lively learning environment for our children while learning on the one hand and reaching the full potential on the other.

The mission of our school is to create a lively learning environment in which children can reach all of their potentials while learning on the one hand. Encouraging the child to meet all his learning needs at school is the basis of our education model.

The school philosophy of our school can be explained with the following values:

  • Every child can learn.

  • Every child is special; talent, relevance, and learning process.

  • The school is a supportive and safe learning environment in which the student feels himself.

  • The safety of students is the most important factor.

  • Positive social relations are encouraged.

  • It is aimed to develop the learners in all areas (physical, cognitive, emotional, social, self-government).

  • Students are encouraged to explore and explore.

  • Learning curiosity and learning enthusiasm are valuable.

  • Creativity and original behavior are encouraged.

  • Being open to development is an indispensable component of education.

  • Respect, responsibility and environmental awareness of indigenous and cultural characteristics are indispensable.