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We Learn

We Learn

Learning Systems

We bear the educational achievement of the world’s leading countries to Turkey. We have an understanding of education that sets out the first three places in the world in terms of the countries with the most successful education, the investment made by the teachers and the results of getting the student to the center. The system in which the child is treated emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually as a whole and the learning process is carried out through all these components does not limit learning to the school environment.

Foreign Language

In our school, our children learn English, French, live, play, entertain and learn at any moment of the day. Because learning is a child’s play for them …

Our excitement, curious and moving puppies learn naturally with both our in-class and out-of-class games, our rich educational material and our internationally proven methods, our expert teaching staff and our Canadian teachers.

Age Groups

Children between 3-6 years of age are accepted. In our 3 year old group, our aim is to understand the children’s English directives, to set simple sentences, to ask questions, to listen to a story, to sing, to meet with colors and shapes. In the next group, we aim that our 4-year-old children can easily express emotions and thoughts in English, expand existing vocabulary, and use English well enough to participate in group discussions.

Among these are the skills of this age child to recognize, to count up to 10, to recognize, to name, to classify and order colors, objects, shapes and colors.

In the 5-year-old group, we aim to improve our self-confidence in speaking English, as well as help our children acquire literacy skills. We also aim to be able to recognize the voices of letters and letters, to understand that unified voice groups are words, to tell a story, to predict what might be in the story.

Our goals in the 5-6 year-old group are to enable our children to speak English, as well as to be able to distinguish letters, learn writing rules, read, understand what is read, and listen.

In addition, this age group can express our children’s feelings and thoughts fluently and comfortably in English, start a discussion or contribute to a continuing topic.

Our children develop their knowledge of English through topics that are processed throughout the year. In addition, English, science, nature and social sciences work in all age groups. Their English includes all aspects of life. So our children can write simple sentences in English, recognize single / double numbers, understand addition and subtraction operations, choose appropriate solutions, name two and three dimensional shapes and identify their differences.

We Live
We Live

The children who come to our school start the day with the comfort of being "from one house to another".

We Grow

We are aware of the support that the feeding is as healthy as the impact of children's present physical and mental devel...

We Grow