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What sets us apart?

What sets us apart?

  • Advanced English and French

    Our students receive all courses in English during high school. In addition, the second language is French. English support programs are available in the summer and on weekends for students who are not fluent in English through the CELPA system.

  • Exchange Year

    Students can spend one academic month in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom or France. Achievements of courses taken abroad are matched with Turkey, so students do not lose the course contents and take courses in the continuation of the present course is provided. Our students are trained as visionary individuals who can stand on their feet by participating in exchange programs.

  • Education in International Standards

    Your child, who develops in a multilingual and multicultural environment, grows up as an individual who has gained 21st century competencies and can keep up with the whole world. He learns French at level B2 and prepares it quickly.

  • Top Level of Academic Performance with Spiral Approach (SRP)

    The Spiral Approach to Learning is an educational approach that expresses the design of a curriculum consisting of main concepts and the continuous repetition of these concepts in parallel with the levels of difficulty deepening in the curriculum. New concepts are taught by increasing the degree of difficulty and students are taught to go deeper into the subject. The learning process is extended and the concepts are taught repeatedly until the expertise is provided.

    SRP system implemented by our students in our schools in Turkey only go to the highest point in their academic performance and are also available by using a higher academic level of their education in university life.

  • Turkey Schools Support Program

    Students can join Turkey High Schools Supporting Program at the weekends. Preaparing Turkish high schools program in our schools include 8th grade. SPR training system and S | R | A is continuous assessment system together with our students , they will gain the best places in Turkey between schools of their choice.

  • Student-Centered Education

    Student Centered Education; student as the subject of the learning process. All learning environments in the classroom and in the classroom are designed to enable learners to learn effectively. The student is quite active in all the education and training processes.

    As a result of an effective learning that is based on the student-centered approach to education,

    • Arouse curiosity
    • Planning
    • Research and discovery
    • Analysis and deepening
    • Sharing and practicing life

    Are able to use knowledge at every stage of their lives.

    Student-Centered Education is our education and training approach that we have set as a principle in all our schools and learning environments. In this way, our students have the opportunity to learn permanently the knowledge and skills offered to them.

  • Certified Specialist Teachers

    The first priority is that all teachers in our schools are specialist teachers in pre-school education and in their field. The experience they have in education with their expertise in language teaching and academic fields is a criterion that is carefully evaluated by both Turkish and Canadian directors.

  • International Projects

    At our school, our students will participate in international projects, especially in Canada and America. The most important advantages of these projects are the gains they have achieved through the application of language competencies and the world’s most advanced training program. Our students always share and work with their peers in an international network. While working on these projects, online classrooms and individual schools in Canada are in contact with each other and they can follow current developments on their subjects. At the same time they can follow the latest developments in technology and science in another country.

  • Values Education

    It is our priority to develop self-confidence, positive attitudes and social behavioral responsibility that will provide a solid foundation for our students’ lifelong development and learning. The mission of our school is to create a lively learning environment where all of our students’ potentials can be reached. It is the basis of our education model that all of our learners’ needs for learning are met at school. Philosophy can be explained with the following values:

    Democratic Life

    Inclusion / Participation

    Mood of Justice





    Life and Learning

    Human Relations / Communication

    Imagination / Creativity / Play

    Beauty / Aesthetics

    Society and the Environment


    Social Responsibility

  • Bilingual Education

    The bilingual education system contributes to the child’s intelligence development, healthy communication and development of different perspectives.

    Starting from kindergarten, our students learn all main courses in primary, secondary and high schools in Turkish and English / French.

  • Clubs and Social Activities

    Our school, which respects the ideas and views of our students who participate in club and social responsibility activities, relies, respects and implements their views on the development of activities and the introduction of new goals.

  • Organic Nutrition, Ecological Life Students

    In our schools, students are fed every day with freshly cooked food made from organic and seasonal vegetables. Of course ecological and organic life is not limited just nutrition . By using natural materials in the decoration of the school and educational equipment, students are guided to the activities with nature and they are given the consciousness that they will become sensitive people in the environment and students are internalized ecological and natural life.